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Kelly M Uhrik


Born in 1977 in Philadelphia, PA. Earned a BFA in Metals/Jewelry/CAD-CAM from Tyler School of Art, Temple University in 1999. Currently enrolled at Tyler in the graduate program in Metals/Jewelry/CAD-CAM.


I have always believed that I was able to make art for a reason. As I grew up, those reason changed. Initially, I made "things" to make my family happy. Then my intentions shifted from expectations of my family, to expectations of myself. I was always creative, always trying to out do what I was able to do before. The decision to pursue a career in art was an obvious one. I wanted to continue what I had enjoyed my entire life and build my abilities and creativity further.

My recent endeavors have been with jewelry and Computer Aided Design. I have had strong feelings about the application of meaning to art work that from itís onslaught had none. They are just as they appear... nothing more. Jewelry fulfilled the desire to create objects, without the expectation to apply a meaning to it.

I have recently had the opportunity to teach a beginner CAD class. This time with each student in many ways helped me realize many things about myself and my own expectations of myself as an educator. I feel that others are benefiting from my knowledge and I am contributing as an artist. Because of those experiences, I decided that I wanted to utilize my knowledge, artistic ability and desire to share ideas to the fullest. I wanted to further my own growth and teach the one thing that I have grown to love.