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Kaori Kawase


Born and grew up in Tokyo, Japan. Spent 2 years in Temple University Japan and

tranfferd to Temple's Main campus, Philadelphia, PA in 1995.

Earned BA in Art from Tyler School of Art in 1997. Earned MFA in

Metals-Jewelry-CAD/CAM from Tyler School of Art in May 1999.



I can be an entertainer through my work. The work, which is about

entertainment and playfulness, is a reflection of my desires as an artist.

The users, including myself, simply expect to be influenced by its

fascinating ideas and designs. So, I would say "Why not enjoy it?" The

Interchangeable Pivot Bracelet series, for example, is about playful

participation. The wearers simply enjoy the interaction with the plastic

jewelry. Swing Ring #8 opened an opportunity to introduce the possibilities

of incorporating the entire hand. The new adornment performs and attracts

not only a wearer but also its surroundings.

The introduction of Computer Aided Design has helped me to be more creative

and to convey my ideas into forms. The experience of sharing my sensibility

with peers will lead to the development of my new career, which cannot be

confined to one particular title. Therefore, I have chosen to define myself

metaphorically through my objects that are entertaining and interactive.