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Andrew C. Czapka


I am currently part-time faculty at the Tyler School of Art, Temple University and have been teaching there for two years. Prior to that, I was a successful production jeweler and exhibited at major juried craft shows along the East Coast. I received my M.F.A. from the Tyler School of Art in January of 2000.



I am interested in creating new and unique forms and in redefining the concept of what constitutes jewelry. My work is not composed of small pieces that embellish and accentuate the body in a somewhat insignificant manner. Instead, in my bracelet and ring series, I have created pieces that fit comfortably on the hand, while at the same time limiting the movement of the wearer. One of the issues that I am exploring is the subject of a large scale, to create dramatic pieces that both accentuate the body, while encumbering it at the same time. These are pieces extend outward from the hand. They are composed of lightweight materials and have adjustable parts that contour to the body, giving the wearer some degree of physical comfort, as well as an aspect of personalization. I am contrasting this with the sheer size of these pieces, which will give the wearer a level of self-awareness, if not emotional discomfort. This heightened sense of awareness elevates the importance of the jewelry, to the individuals who are wearing it and to all of those who come in contact with them. When one is wearing these pieces, it is my intention that one will constantly know that they are wearing something special. Not intended to be worn every day, this body of work limits some movements that one would normally make with ease. Because of this, others will be aware of the work as well, which turns the human form into a living pedestal.