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I/O Gallery

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Lori Addis

Object title: Pinch & Suspense Ring

Object description: Actual

Bio & Statement

Adria R. Bartash

Object title: Bracelet

Object description: Tangible, SLS Nylon

Bio & Statement

Douglas J. Bucci

Object title: DBroller (Bracelet), c.1998-1999
Object description (tangible, actual, virtual, process, materials, etc.): Tangible. SLA 8110, sterling silver and steel.

Bio & Statement

Andrew C. Czapka

Object title Screw Brac Three

Object description (tangible, actual, virtual, process, materials,

etc.) Tangible, Stereolithography, Dyed SLA Resin

Bio & Statement

Kim Ann Fraczek

Object title: Vertical Snap-On Ring

Object description: Actual Sterling Silver, Spring Steel Wire and Glass

Bio & Statement

Kaori Kawase

Object title: Swing Ring #8

Object description: tangible/stereolithography/cast in white gold

Bio & Statement

Daniella Kerner

Object title: MAG-5, BROOCH

Object description: Duraform Polyamide, Rare Earth Magnets

Bio & Statement

Stanley Lechtzin

Object title: Dreidl

CAD/Rapid Prototype, SLA Epoxy, Sanders MM wax, cast 14K gold

Bio & Statement

Kenneth MacBain

Object title CAD/CAM Bracelet

Object description tangible

Bio & Statement

Catherine Minich

Object title "Wristwatch"

Object description (tangible, actual, virtual, process, materials, etc.)

Tangible prototype. SLA epoxy resin. Modeled in Rhino

Bio & Statement

Joshua B. Naudascher

Object title: wrs^2g(y+r) Wrist Component

Object description: Wearable CPU and Communication Device

(animation) Actual, 3d studio max animation with modeling from


Bio & Statement

Sung Hyun Park

Object title: Rx Brooch

Object description: Actual, SLA, SLS process, Dupont Somos 8110, Nylon, Stainless Steel, Brass Screws

Bio & Statement

April Reigart

Object title: Bracelet #5

Object description: SLA(stereolithography, rapid-prototype) epoxy

resin, with stainless steel screws, and nickel plated magnets

Bio & Statement

Antonio Ezequiel Safdie

Object title: Anillo#1

Object description: Actual ring, Sanders process, wax.

Bio & Statement

Rebecca Strzelec

Object title: VELBRACE

Object description: Tangible, Sterolithography epoxy resin, velcro, rubber

Bio & Statement

Kimberlie Tatalick

Object title Box 2

Object description Aluminum, Topaz

Bio & Statement

Kelly M Uhrik

Object title: Adjustable ring with O-rings

Object description: Actual, Sanders Wax, Silver, Rubber O rings

Bio & Statement

Kimberly Voigt

Object title: "Alternate Collisions of Form" - V1

Object description: Bracelet - Tangible - (Stratasys FDM White Nylon, Cast Sterling Silver, Aluminum, Spring Steel)

Bio & Statement

Margaret Yaukey

Object title: Neckpiece #5

Object description: Cast polyurethane resin, and fine silver

Bio & Statement

Michael Zindell

Object title: "capsule 69" (closed)

Object description: sls nylon, actual

Bio & Statement