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I have always been intrigued by the vessel; to describe its internal and external form. Containers as architectural structures serve as my vehicle for expressing illusionary space, imagery and monumentality. I wish to explore the ethereal qualities of the transparent media and contrast it with corporeal materials. A complimentary relationship is made by combining and contrasting metal and plastic.

One of my involvements has been in creating ceremonial objects. These works reflect my interest in creating objects that have significance beyond their utilitarian use. By designing objects that are rooted in historical tradition, I am able to explore narrative and historical references, and symbolism in a way that I cannot when designing ordinary objects. The technologies that I am involved in such as electroforming, vapor deposition, casting of acrylic, and the use of the computer as a design and manufacturing tool, enables me to create visual imagery that is contemporary and unique.

The design and creation of jewelry offers me the opportunity to explore many of the same concerns as in object making but on a smaller scale. I find it satisfying to isolate a special interest that occurs in an object and explore that aspect more fully in a short series of jewelry pieces. It is very important to me that the jewelry object assumes a strong three-dimensional form, with a special relationship to the body. In contrast to the recent interest in jewelry as a transitory fashion accessory, I wish to create unique jewelry that has lasting value and reflects those attitudes that are consonant with the values of contemporary art.

Daniella Kerner
October 1994