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Notes for Thesis Shows:

All links to the "home page" of your thesis show should be labeled "[lastname] home", i.e. - "lechtzin home"

Your directory structure should be set up as follows: (folders are in BOLD)

    - [lastname].html
    - statement.html
    - resume.html
    - gallery.html

You may expand this directory as needed, but please keep to the standard format. You must keep your pages at one consistant level:









Note that the first page is titled [lastname].html and NOT "index.html." It is extremely important that none of your pages be titled "index.html" for technical reasons.

Any images which appear on individual pages should be saved in the same folder as the page which contains it.

Please do not use frames. If you feel you MUST use frames, see Stanley and the current webmaster about this.
You will need to insure that all links to pages outside of your thesis show open up in the full browser window and not in the slave window of your thesis show.

Every .html page should be labeled with lowercase letters or numbers, as should all image files. If you need spaces between words do not use spaces, rather use undelines only, no dashes. See these warnings from the Temple File Transfer Utility:

WARNING: Whitespace character found in https://develop.temple.edu/crafts/gallerypage/current/hollowhorn_thumbnail for website.jpg. Whitespace should be eliminated (using your web editor) before continuing the transfer.

Do not use any non-alphanumeric characters:

CRISTINA­_PAGE_3.htm Thu Apr 12 17:02:55 20121 KBFix error
ERROR: An invalid character ­ found in CRISTINA­_PAGE_3.htm. Non-alphanumeric characters must be eliminated (using your web editor) before the file can be selected for transfer.

Do not use any frontpage components or active elements in your website. If you have questions about a particular one of these, see Stanley and the webmaster.

DO NOT include your private email address in your thesis show. You may include that you can be contacted through Stanley's email address.
This is so that your information does not become rapidly outdated. For this reason, it is also advised that you do not include your address or telephone number in your site.

Updates to your website (i.e. - updated resume) will be possible post-graduation. However, you must make all of the corrections yourself and submit your site,
complete with the new changes, to Stanley or the current webmaster.


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