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Color Calibration

Before color calibrating your computer with a Huey, Abode Gamma should be disabled.
To do so (on a Windows system):
1. right click the Start menu, chose open
2. double click Programs, then Startup
3. Delete Adobe Gamma or Adobe Gamma loader.exe if present
4. Close the start up window and return to the main screen.
* This does not delete Adobe Gamma from your hard-drive. It just removes the shortcut to the startup file to prevent Adobe Gamma from loading its calibration in place of the monitor calibration you are currently using.

Calibrate your computer with Huey:
-Make sure your monitor and the suction cups on the Huey have been properly cleaned to assure stable adhesion to the monitor.
- Set the lights in the room to the level you would usually use to view your monitor.
-follow the calibration steps
- For the regular Huey select the web browsing and photo editing color setting at the end of the calibration sequence (this closely corresponds to a Color Temperature of D65 and a Gamma of 2.40)
- For Huey Pro select Color Temperature D65 and Gamma 2.40
- In the CAD lab the Hueys are set to take light measurements every 10 minutes.

Working with Photoshop after Calibrating your monitor with Huey:
Photoshop will automatically refer to the Default Monitor Profile (the Huey profile.) To achieve uniform color from your camera, monitor and printer change the setting in Abode Photoshop to Adobe RGB 1998 (Edit>Color Settings, in the RGB pull down menu select Adobe RGB 1998
Also set your camera and printer (print with preview>output>color management> profile>Adobe RGB 1998) to Adobe RGB 1998 color profile
*changing a color profile does not change data in the file; it tells the application how to interpret those colors.


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