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                                                SUBMITTING FILES FOR RP PRINTING

When submitting files for RP printing, please place completed stl in the appropriate material folder on the Osnap file server.  Material folders are found in the "3D printing" folder on Osnap. 

Before submitting your file, calculate the volume of your piece using Rhino, Magics or ZPrint.  To determine your cost multiply the volume of your piece in CUBIC INCHES by the price per cubic inch of the appropriate material.  The price can be found in the file "Bill_CAD-CAM-RP.xls" in the 3D Printing folder on Osnap.

Material types for ZCorp (these are the only acceptable material types you may use when naming your stl):  _starch   _plaster   _plastercolor

- Your files must be named as follows:
Note all lower case with underscore between words and a dash before, inside and after email address.

- Example of a file name for ZCorp printing:

- Example of a file name for ZCorp printing with multiple quantity:

- Example of a file name for Investment Casting pieces:


NOTE: Do not email your file! Please remember to include material, and process in file name.

Thank you for your cooperation.



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