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M/J/C-C Junior, Senior & Graduate Portfolio Review Guidelines

Please prepare the following for your final review with all of the M/J/C-C Faculty on your scheduled review day. Place your folder in the Junior, Senior or Grad folder on the System that will be announced at the end of each semester.

All work completed in all M/J/C-C classes this semester.

Your portfolio in the following form for each object:

Each object should be placed in its own folder that contains the following files:

- .txt file (see below)

For CAD and digital camera files:

if object is an actual, a flawless .stl file for each component.

(Perfactory models should be sprued in the .stl file)

- 4096 X 2730.tif file (for slide output - if you have the time to render this very large file)

- 4915 x 3932.tif (for 16" x 20" printout - optional)

- 2048 X 1365.tif file (lower quality slides)

- 3264 x 2176.tif (for slides from digital camera)

- 2048 x 1638.tif file (for 8"x10"printout)

- 1024 X 768.jpg (for Digital Projector & Web site)

- 200 x 150.jpg file (for use as a thumbnail)

NOTE: Do not scale images from a smaller size to a larger size. If at this time you only have JPEG files from your CAD I course you may submit them. Do not convert JPEGs to TIFF format!

The .txt file for each object should contain:

*it is important to turn word-wrap on in Notepad under the edit pull-down menu before typing.

- Object Type (Ring, Bracelet, Tea Pot, Lamp, etc.)

- "Object Title"

- Material/s

- Object State or Process (virtual, actual, tangible, raised, cast, fabricated, electroformed etc.)

- Size

- Your Name, Class (Jr., Sr.)

- Copyright Date

File naming conventions:

- Place all individual object folders in a single master folder identified by your last name, first name and year (ex: lechtzin_stanley_2004)

- Object folders identified by your last name and object title (ex. lechtzin_ring)

- Tiff's identified by your last name, object title and size (ex: lechtzin_ring_1024_768.tif)

- Text files identified by your last name and object title (ex: lechtzin_ring.txt)

Note: all file names to be in lower case letters with no spaces allowed between words

(use an underscore)


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