Air/Rail/Taxi/Limo Reimbursement


Traveling by air is limited to the lowest price tourist class whenever the single leg of the air travel is less than 6 (six) hours. The University will reimburse business class fares whenever a single leg of air travel is greater than 6 (six) hours. Cost reimbursement rules do not allow business class fares to be charged to grants and contracts. Additionally, cost centers supported by student tuition or Commonwealth appropriations (University non-auxiliary 10 funds) cannot reimburse business class fares. Therefore, the price difference between coach and business class fares must be charged to cost centers other than grants, contracts and University non-auxiliary 10 cost centers.

Completing a Reimbursement or Authorization Form

When completing a travel reimbursement or travel authorization form that includes business class travel to grants, contracts or non-auxiliary 10 cost centers, please be sure to itemize and code the coach portion of the ticket (which should be supported by a price quote) and the excess of the business class fare to the appropriate cost centers. The original airline ticket or itinerary showing evidence of payment will be accepted as proof of payment.

U.S. Domestic Airline Fee Chart

Airline fees have now become common place when booking a flight. Thus, it is important that everyone take into account the airline fees while shopping for airfare. Below is a comparison list of U.S. domestic airline fees. Please be advised that the fees are changing rapidly. This chart is to be used as a helpful guideline of what to expect, but is subject to change.

Download the Airline Fee Chart

Airline Policies

The airline industry has announced a series of new non-refundable travel policies as of June 17, 2008. In an attempt to keep our travelers informed of new and changing policy information, a comparison list with data compiled from each airline has been provided. Please review this chart for your personal edification. Be advised that this is only a guide.

Download the New Airline Policies


In traveling by rail, use coach class, unless overnight travel is involved. Only the original rail ticket serves as receipt. Train tickets may be purchased directly at Amtrak.


Taxi or limousine travel, where appropriate, will be reimbursed if properly substantiated by original receipt. Airport limousines or buses should be used wherever possible

Travel Agencies

Temple University has four excellent and highly experienced travel agencies to be used for business travel:

  1. STA Travel
  2. DMS Travel Group at Journeycorp Travel
  3. Marathon Travel
  4. World Travel

These four agencies offer the following:

Booking through a non-Temple agency, Travelocity, Orbitz, Expedia, or other Internet sites will continue to be permitted, but only per terms of this policy, which requires fare quote statements as proof of price difference.

Reasons why the University does not rely exclusively on the Internet for total travel management

Guidelines for making travel reservations

Follow these guidelines below when making travel reservations.

  1. Rail tickets may be purchased through Temple’s agencies or directly from Amtrak, and are exempt from the exception guidelines.
  2. Agencies are unable to quote fares after a trip has been taken.
  3. A faxed copy of itinerary and fare quote must be obtained from any one of the four authorized Temple agencies.
  4. An itinerary and fare quote must be obtained from the non-Temple travel provider or Internet site.
  5. Because airline fares are subject to change within a twenty-four hour period, fare quotes must be obtained from both travel providers (agency, Internet, etc.) the same day to insure an equitable comparison. In addition to obtaining quotes from both travel agencies on the same day, the same travel itinerary must be submitted to both travel providers. There can be a difference in price quotes if travel itineraries submitted to the two travel providers are not the same. No generic invoices or hand written quotes are acceptable.
  6. When calculating total price difference, include service fee for each fare quote statement. If there is a savings difference of more than $25 from the non-Temple travel provider, then you may book with that travel provider. If the savings is less than $25, you must purchase the ticket from the Temple agency.
  7. Travelers will not be reimbursed for flights at higher airfares to accommodate frequent flyer programs.
  8. Out of town guests who must make their own travel arrangements are exempt from this policy.

Tickets can be purchased with a University American Express Card, personal credit card or Temple University Travel Authorization form. Tickets, which are purchased with a Travel Authorization form, will not be issued until the form is received with the appropriate authorized budget unit head’s signature, the traveler’s signature, and complete departmental budget account to be charged.

Downloaded A copy of the Travel Authorization Form

Questions regarding Travel Policy

For questions regarding the travel policy, contact the following:

Travel Reimbursement Center
(215) 204-1263 or (215) 204-5279

Office of Associate Vice President for Business Services
(215) 204-5144

Questions regarding Travel Arrangements

DMS Travel Group at Journeycorp Travel
Tel: (800) 456-8336
Fax: (212) 986-7579
Ask for: Temple University Account
Office Hours: 8:30 am – 5:30 pm
Emergency Airport hotline: (800) 305-4911
Agency service fee: (Travel Authorization form or credit card)
Domestic - $29 per ticket transaction
International - $35 per ticket transaction
Amtrak - $25 per ticket transaction
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Marathon Travel
Tel: (800) 826-2978
Fax: (715) 345-2192
Ask for: Temple University Account
Office Hours: Available 24/7 – (800) 826-2978
Emergency Airport hotline – (800) 826-2978
Domestic – $25 per ticket transaction
International – $35 per ticket transaction
Amtrak – $25 per ticket transaction
Marathon Travel’s Value Added Benefits:
No service fee charged for hotel or car rental reservations
24-hour emergency worldwide travel hotline
Concierge services
24-hour roadside assistance service
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STA Travel
Please note that the STA Travel location on Main Campus has closed indefinitely. STA continues to provide full-service attention to its customers through their 1-800 numbers and the STA website:

Please be sure to contact the proper lines of service if you have any questions or concerns, or if you’d like to book a trip through STA Travel.

For 24/7 service, call 1-800-781-4040 or visit

University Travel and Faculty Trips
STA’s corporate travel team is available on 1-800-495-5832 from 6AM to 6PM (PST), Monday through Friday.

Faculty-led Programs/Study Abroad Groups
The STA experienced group travel team is available at 1-800-363-2580.
After Hours & Weekends Reservations: (800) 777-0112

World Travel
Sally Shank
Tel: 800-874-6700, Ext. 6071
Fax: 866-416-9891
Office Hours: 9 am – 5:30 pm
24-hour Emergency: 800-341-2014, Ext. 6071
Agency service fee: (Travel Authorization form or credit card)
Domestic/International - $36 per ticket transaction
Amtrak - $21 per ticket transaction
Amtrak - $26 per ticket transaction (includes delivery)
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