Reimbursement for lodging may not exceed the rate for a standard room. If an individual is attending a convention or conference, use of the convention or conference hotel is appropriate.

  • Request the educational rate where available.
  • In Philadelphia, employees and business guests of the University are required to use an official Temple University hotel. When an approved hotel is not used in the Philadelphia area, the Airline and Local Hotel Policy Exception Request form must be completed and attached to the individual's travel and expense report with appropriate justification.
  • Reimbursement must be documented by an paid itemized hotel bill and receipt, and is limited to room and tax, internet access, business phone calls and one personal phone call home, per day, if away overnight.


Lodging in a Private Residence

In the event a traveler lodges in a private residence in lieu of a commercial establishment, the traveler is eligible for a reimbursement of actual expenses not to exceed $25 per day. Recognizing that the University will save substantially from reduced lodging expenses, this reimbursement is intended to faciliate this choice. Traveler is required to provide name and address of residence in which he/she stayed. This is only available for employees on travel status and is not intended in situations where an employee is lodging with another employee at their residence or when the residence is owned by the traveler.