Catering Policy and Procedures

Temple University has a contractual obligation to use its vendors for campus events paid for with University funds or funds from grants that are monitored by the University. The approved University caterers are Sodexho Catering Services and the Diamond Club. When catering is to be included with the use of meeting or conference facilities, the DoubleTree Hotel should be used.

Using an Outside Vendor on Campus

Exception to the policy to use food services from an outside vendor requires written approval in advance from the Office of Business Services. Prior to granting an exception, documentation must be presented that allows for a comparison between what Sodexho Catering Services and the Diamond Club has offered, and what another vendor will supply when a department is using on campus facilities. Often we find that our vendors are competitive in price, food and service. Exception request approvals will be limited to the following situations:

Sodexho Catering Services is required to sign off on the Catering Policy Exception Approval form that the request could not be honored.

In addition to the above requirements, any food product that is brought onto the University campus for events, conferences, seminars, etc., requires the off-campus caterer to produce a copy of their Certificate of Liability Insurance, which must reflect a minimum of $1 million in liability coverage. The certificate must also list Temple University as an Additional Insured and Certificate Holder.

Off-campus Events

When an event is to be held at an off-campus location (hotel, restaurant, banquet hall) where the facility uses its own caterer, only the exception approval is required, not the sign-off of Sodexho Catering Services.

Requesting an Exception to the Catering Policy

To request an exception to use a caterer other than Sodexho Catering Services, complete a Catering Policy Exception Approval for Non-Temple Caterer form. Send completed form with additional documentation required to:

Richard Rumer, Associate Vice President
Evelyn Rush, Administrative Specialist
Office of Associate Vice President for Business Services
1700 N. Broad Street
Suite 415
(T.U. Zip: 062-90)
Fax to: 215-204-7193


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