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University Forms Updated for Banner Finance


June 19, 2009

Banner Finance Coming July 1, 2009!

When the Banner Finance system is launched on July 1, 2009, all account and cost center numbers will be converted to a FOAPAL (Fund, Organization, Account, Program, Activity, and Location) number. This change affects all University forms containing the cost center that are currently used for business purposes.

To prepare for this change, forms have been updated to request the FOAPAL instead of the cost center number. Using General Accounting information, the format of the FOAPAL is as follows:

100000 67120 7600 06
Fund Organization Account Program
(6 digits)  (5 digits) (4 digits) (2 digits)

As you can see, only the first four elements of the FOAPAL are used for transactions at this time.

To determine your new FOAPAL number, access TUportal at After you login you will see a Crosswalk channel on the MyPortal tab labeled BANNER CROSSWALK.  Enter your center number in the Lookup box. Your equivalent fund, organization, and program will appear in the “Crosswalk” box.

Accessing Updated Forms

To transition to the revised forms, the Forms web site has been updated to include both the current online forms as well as the new FOAPAL forms. To review the site, go to The forms will also be available in TUportal under the Banner tab which will appear on July 1, 2009. The old forms will be removed from the Forms site shortly after the start of the new fiscal year.

Information on the new Human Resources forms will be announced soon.

Printed forms have also been updated to reflect the change to FOAPAL. You can order the revised forms from Dupli Graphics through TUmarketplace. For more information on TUmarketplace, go to

Thank you for your cooperation in using the revised forms as we move to the Banner system.

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