Overnight/Express Postal Service: UPS

To set up a new UPS CampusShip account please contact Renee Merritt (renee.merritt@temple.edu).

Departments should contact Linda Murphy (lindamurphy@ups.com), our UPS Account Manager, with questions concerning their accounts, billing issues, UPS website access, and adding or removing users within their existing UPS account.

For accounting and UPS website access questions, contact on of the following:

  • UPS Enterprise Support Team: 1-800-877-1497
  • UPS World Ship/Campus Ship Help Desk - Tech Support: 1-888-553-1118
  • UPS International: 1-800-782-7892

Any questions regarding International UPS sales can be directed to our International Sales Account Manager, Tammy Lowe (tlowe@ups.com).

All other questions, problems or concerns should be directed to Renee Merritt.

UPS Drop-Boxes can be found at the following campus locations:

Temple University School of Podiatry 148 N. 8th Street
Temple University 1700 North Broad
Temple University - Anderson Hall 1114 West Berks Street
Temple University - Annenberg Hall 2020 North 13th Street
Temple University - Ritter Hall 1301 Cecil B. Moore Avenue
Temple University - Weiss Hall 1701 North 13th Street
Temple University Health System - Boyer Pavilion 3509 North Broad Street
Temple University Health Sciences Campus- General Services Building 3333 North Broad Street
Temple University Health System- Parkinson Pavilion 3401 North Broad Street
Temple University Health Sciences Campus - Kresge Hall 3440 North Broad Street

Mailing Address

TASB (83-01)
1852 N. 10th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19122

Physical Address

Temple University
Purchasing Department
2450 W. Hunting Park Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19129

Computer Business Services

*Temporary Location*
1803 North Broad Street
8th Floor Carnell Hall
Philadelphia, PA 19122

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