Cost Analysis

The Office of Cost Analysis was established in 2006 as a function of Temple University’s commitment to being good stewards of externally funded awards. With the creation of this office, many of the functions previously handled by Grant & Contract Accounting are now performed here. In October 2007, we have transitioned the Health Sciences Campus post-award transactional reviews that were previously handled by the Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR) to our office. New functions, such as, financial compliance assessments, development of the facilities and administrative, employee benefit and service center rates and regulatory guidance were formally established with this office.

Effort Reporting System (ERS) logoAs of September 2007, we have launched the new Effort Reporting System (ERS) which replaces the old paper PARs system. The office handles all ERS related questions. Our office is part of the Controller’s Office and continues to work closely with Grant and Contract Accounting and OVPR.

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