Effort Reporting

Click here to access the MAXIMUS Effort Reporting System

The Effort Reporting System went live on October 5, 2007. ERS replaces the old paper PAR process. This system is Web-based and works with most browsers (i.e. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape). The system generates effort reports on a quarterly or semester basis for users who have effort on sponsored awards or require certification for Medicare purposes. This is a paperless system that utilizes email to notify when reports are ready to be pre-reviewed, certified and post-reviewed.

Users can gain access to the system by logging on with their AccessNet user ID and password. The system can be accessed through the link above, via a link in the Temple portal or by typing in the following Web address in your browser: http://ers.temple.edu

The Office of Cost Analysis acts as the Help Desk for all issues relating to the Effort Reporting System. They can be reached by phone at 7-2059, 7-2060, or 7-2061. You may also contact the office by emailing ers@temple.edu.