Blanket Purchase Orders

These purchase orders are issued by the Purchasing Department for a specific vendor for the convenience of the ordering department. A purchase requisition is required to originate a Blanket Order. They are issued for a specific period of time. The Blanket Purchase order enables the ordering department to contact the vendor directly to authorize shipments or services on a recurring basis.

To request a Blanket Order you need to go to TUmarketplace and complete the “Request to Create a Blanket Order” form. The request should include such information as estimated dollar amount, period of time the order is to cover, estimated commodity usage, suggested supplier, Temple Personnel authorized to release materials/services, and their respective dollar limits. For more information, please visit our Purchasing website.

Vendor: The vendor must send the original invoice to the ordering department. Upon receipt of the invoice, an authorized individual must sign and date the invoice and forward it to Accounts Payable. The individual’s signature indicates that the goods or services were received, the price is accurate and acceptable, and the vendor should be paid. The invoice with valid FOAPAL and approval should then be forwarded to Accounts Payable for processing and payment.

Accounts Payable: The Accounts Payable Department is responsible to review all invoices requested for processing and payment. In addition, we ensure the appropriate documentation, authorizations, and FOAPAL including a purchase order for all invoices with a purchase order value.

Payment Terms: University payment term is net 30 from invoice date.