Personal Vehicles

Use of an employee’s personal vehicle may be reimbursed at the current Internal Revenue Service mileage rate. This mileage rate covers depreciation, maintenance, repairs, gasoline, oil, insurance and vehicle registration fees. In addition to the mileage rate reimbursement, an employee will be reimbursed for parking and tolls. 

  • Travel by personal vehicle is permitted only if this mode is the most cost-effective means of transportation (including the effective use of time).
  • Reimbursement for two or more persons traveling in the same vehicle is limited to the mileage reimbursement paid to the driver.
  • If public transportation is not available, a person traveling locally may be reimbursed for personal vehicle travel only for the mileage in excess of normal mileage between the driver's home and primary work location. (For example, if an individual who normally works at the Main Campus and whose commute to work is normally 20 miles round trip, is required to go to the Ambler Campus for a day and the round trip mileage from home to Ambler is 30 miles, that individual may be reimbursed for 10 miles.) No reimbursement is provided if a University shuttle is available.


Mileage Update

The Internal Revenue Service has announced a decrease in mileage reimbursement rates for business use of personal vehicles and deductible medical and moving expenses effective for the period of January 1, 2017 through December 31, 2017. As a result, Temple University will decrease the mileage reimbursement rates to correspond with these changes. The table below outlines the changes in mileage rates.

Mileage Rate Changes


Mileage Rate 1/1/2016 through 12/31/2016

Mileage Rate 1/1/2017 through 12/31/2017

Business Use of Personal Vehicles



Medical/Moving Expenses