Community Education

Media Education Lab: School of Communications and Theater

The Media Education Lab provides community outreach, public programs, and educational services and multimedia curriculum resources targeted to the needs of youth and local school and after-school educators; and develops a multidisciplinary research agenda to explore the broad educational impact of media and technology, with a focus on media literacy education.
Contact:  Renee Hobbs, 978-201-9799

Academy for Adult Learners: College of Education

The AAL is designed to give  individuals with intellectual disabilities  an authentic college experience. Participants attend classes, explore career options based on their interests and goals, and participate in the wide variety of activities available to all Temple students. Each Academy participant is matched with a student mentor who supports the individual in accessing Temple University's many resources.
Contact: Kathy Miller, 215-204-9395

LEAP Project: Beasley School of Law

Temple-LEAP's mission is to educate non-lawyers, particularly middle and high school students from Philadelphia area schools, about the law and citizenship. LEAP teaches about the principles of democracy while developing critical reading, writing and thinking skills.
Contact:  Roberta West, 215-204-8948  

Arts On Your Side: Tyler School of Art

Arts at your side provides specially designed arts experiences and arts engagement directly to residents of the Philadelphia region so that their lives may be positively influenced and their well-being improved.
Contact: Dr. Cheryl Dileo, 215-204-8542

ExxonMobile Barnard Harris Summer Science Camp: College of Science and Technology

Created by Bernard Harris, a veteran of two NASA space missions, and ExxonMobile, and sponsored at Temple by the CST, this program is designed to enhance middle school students’ knowledge in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Activities include classroom study, experiments, individual and group projects, weekly field excursions and motivational guest speakers.
Contact: Lucille Davenport, 215-204-2888

The Center for Social Policy and Community Development (CSPCD): The College of Public Health

The CSPCD offers several opportunities for community education and workforce development training. This includes educational programs for youth, workforce readiness training, community health worker training, and adult literacy programs.
Contact: or by calling 215-204-7491.

Community Arts Program: Tyler School of Art

CAP works in partnership with community organizations, schools, and artists in North Philadelphia. The program develops and delivers university courses, after-school arts workshops, intergenerational forums, and inter-disciplinary performances and exhibits which are based on an exchange of knowledge and images between partners, to create art based on the lives and stories of North Philadelphia.
Contact: Billy Yalowitz, 215-204-7607  

Community Music Scholars Program: Temple Music Preparatory Division of the Boyer College of Music and Dance

The Community Music Scholars Program (CMSP) is a community outreach music program offered through Temple Music Prep, the non-credit division of the Boyer College of Music and Dance. CMSP provides instruction in instrumental music on Saturday mornings to Philadelphia school-aged children with need who must be nominated by their school music director or music teacher. The program includes weekly individual lessons, music theory classes, ensemble experiences and performance opportunities for a modest fee.
Contact: Melissa Douglas, 215-204-8326

Philadelphia String Project at Temple University: Temple Music Preparatory Division of the Boyer College of Music and Dance

Established in the fall of 2010, Philadelphia String Project at Temple University (PSP@TU) is an outreach program offered through Temple Music Prep, the non-credit division of the Boyer College of Music and Dance. Through PSP@TU, Philadelphia 3rd through 5th grade children receive group instruction in strings for beginners on Wednesdays afternoons and Saturday mornings for a nominal fee.
Melissa Douglas, 215-204-8326