Full-time position available

Updated 24 February 2014

Temple Classics has an opening for a full-time, non-tenure-track (NTT) position for 2014-15, pending final budgetary authorization. The position will be renewable, pending satisfactory performance and continued funding. Temple now calls these positions "Assistant Professor, Teaching and Instruction." This opening is listed with the APA Placement Service. What follows is information that candidates might find useful in deciding whether to apply and in shaping their applications most appropriately.

Why the position exists. Dr. David Ratzan will be leaving at the end of the academic year for NYU, where he will become head librarian for ISAW.

What we need. We have a particularly pressing need for Romanists (or Latinists, depending on your nominal preferences). Ideally, we would hire someone with different interests than members of the tenure-line faculty. Applicants might thus want consult our faculty information page: http://www.temple.edu/classics/faculty.html (where it would become quickly obvious that, even with one NTT moving to another position, we are very well equipped with scholars working in fifth-century Greek literature, and much less so for areas such as Late Antiquity and Latin poetry of the Republic).

The teaching load for this position will be 3-3 (10-11 c.h. per term). The fall semester involves Latin 1or 2, a General Education course on race in the ancient Mediterranean and either intermediate Latin. The spring semester will involve a mixture of Latin, possibly a section of Race in the Ancient Mediterranean, and an introductory survey course of Roman civilization.

The department has a very strong pedagogical culture; current faculty have won five teaching awards. NTT faculty members contribute heavily to first-year Latin, so successful experience there is essential. Participation in Temple’s program in General Education is important to our future. We currently offer these Gen Ed courses: Greek Theater and Society, Sacred Space, and Race in the Ancient Mediterranean. An ability to teach those courses is welcome; see http://www.temple.edu/provost/gened/. We also would be interested in people who can teach courses in our upper-level sequence, the Ancient City (Rome, Athens, Jerusalem, Alexandria and, Byzantium).

What we want. We will hire based on a combination of the absolute quality of the candidate and who best fits our needs. Aside from finding an outstanding Latin teacher, we most urgently want somene who can teach the Gen Ed Race and Roman civilization courses in a manner compellinh enough to draw students into the department. Despite the focus of this position on teaching, we generally prefer to hire people with a substantial research agenda that excites them (and us), mainly because those people often make the best colleagues and because they are most likely to land tenure-track jobs elsewhere (or, sometimes, here). The department’s research culture has advanced rapidly in recent years. Previous occupants of these positions who have won tenure-track jobs elsewhere include Chris Star (Middlebury), Andromache Karanika (Temple and then UC Irvine), Lauri Reitzammer (Boulder), Daniel Marcovic (Cincinnati) and Eric Kondratieff (Western Kentucky).

Current ABDs will need to be able to show, credibly, that they will complete their dissertation very very soon.

Terms. 3-3 load. Minimum salary for 2014-15 for those with the PhD: $44,500, along with health and dental benefits. The department regrets that, due to university policy, it cannot help with moving expenses.

Our timetable. We will accept applications until the position is filled, but the deadline for applications to be considered fully is 14 March, but we encourage applicants not to be emailing us at 11:59 p.m. that day. If a flood of applications arrives at the last minute, our active consideration of the group is delayed considerably. We will be reading applications as they arrive and plan on completing the search as soon as humanly possible. We expect to interview a few candidates by Skype.