Writing-Intensive Course Committee (WICC)

The Writing-Intensive Course Committee is responsible for overseeing the writing-intensive course program. The WICC reviews and approves all proposals for writing-intensive courses; drafts policies for the w-course program, including the w-course guidelines; and assesses the w-course program.

The Committee is comprised of eight faculty members from across the schools and colleges. These faculty serve three-year terms. The Committee also includes three ex-officio members: a representative from the GenEd program, a representative from Paley Library, and a representative from the Writing Center.

The Committee is chaired by the Director of the Student Success Center.

WICC Membership 2018/2019

  • Dana Dawson / GenEd
  • Philip Glahn / Tyler
  • Rachael Groner / CLA
  • Darla Himeles / Writing Center
  • Jim Napolitano / CST
  • Peter Jaroff / Klein
  • Bill Stull / CLA
  • Michelle Scarpulla / CPH
  • Adam Shambaugh / Paley Library
  • Kimmika Williams-Witherspoon / Film and Theater
  • Lori Salem / WICC Chair

As Committee members complete their three-year terms, new members are added. We solicit nominations from the Faculty Senate, but faculty are also invited to self-nominate. Any full-time faculty member who has taught a designated writing-intensive course is eligible to serve on the WICC.

If you are interested in joining the committee, please contact Lori Salem.