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Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS)

PASS sessions are weekly group study meetings for students in certain challenging courses. PASS sessions are led by students who have previously succeeded in these courses. The sessions are designed to be interactive, and to allow you to collaborate with your peers, practice study strategies, and deepen your understanding of the course content.


Spring 2018 PASS Courses

CHEM 1031: General Chemistry I

CHEM 1032: General Chemistry II

CHEM 2202: Organic Chemistry II

CHEM 4401: Biochemistry I

ECON 1101: Macroeconomic Principles

ECON 1102: Microeconomic Principles

ENGR 2331: Engineering Statics I

KINS 1223: Anatomy and Physiology I

KINS 1224: Anatomy and Physiology II

MATH 1022: Precalculus

PHYS 1021: Intro to General Physics I

PHYS 1061: Elementary Classical Physics I

PHYS 1062: Elementary Classical Physics II

PSY 2502: Foundations of Cognitive Neuroscience


Spring 2018 PASS schedule

View the Weekly PASS Schedule for the times and locations of PASS sessions by course and by day. Check the calendar below for the most up-to-date information about PASS sessions including room changes, time changes, and cancellations

BUILDING CODES - ANDRSN: Anderson Hall; TTLMAN: Tuttleman Learning Center; WCHMAN: Wachman Hall; RITTER: Ritter Hall; RITTERX: Ritter Annex; BEURY: Beury Hall




Questions about PASS? Contact Deirdre Kelleher