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If you want your students to learn about the services offered in the CLASS, we can come and make a 10-15 minute presentation about our services, called “Introduction to the Center for Learning and Student Support.”    

We can also make a presentation called “Introduction to Academic Services at Temple,” which covers the services offered in the CLASS as well as those offered in the Writing Center.  “Introduction to Academic Services” typically takes around 15-20 minutes. 

We also offer in-class workshops about academic skills, like time management, effective strategies for studying, and effective methods for preparing for exams.  These workshops typically require 40 minutes to present, and they can be combined with an “Introduction” presentation.  

To request an “Introduction” presentation or an academic skills workshop, please email Leslie Allison with the presentation you would like, the name of your course, the date and time you would like the presentation to take place, and the total number of students in the class.