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The Main Campus office of the First-Year Writing Program is room 1046 of Anderson Hall, which is between 11th and 12th Streets, above Montgomery Avenue.


English 0701 and English 0802 and the ESL equivalents form a year-long sequence designed to introduce students to academic discourse. Entering first-year students are either placed into the 0701/0802 sequence, placed only in 0802, or exempted from first-year writing courses entirely.


Placement into a First-Year Writing course is based on a formula which takes into account the results of a placement essay, high school rank, and the SAT verbal score. For answers to common questions about the placement test and the placement process, please see our placement test FAQ. The placement test coordinator for English is Dr. Christine Palumbo-DeSimone.



The Temple Writing Academy gives Philadelphia high school students in grades 10-12 the experience of taking creative and challenging writing workshops.

You can find out more about this venture by clicking here


If you have any questions about the First-Year Writing Program, we invite you to stop by the office or contact us.




Rachael Groner,
Interim Co-Director
(215) 204- 2212


Christine Palumbo-De Simone,

Interim Co-Director
(215) 204-4785


J. Derrick Johnson,
(215) 204-7565


Lucas Sheaffer,
Composition Assistant
(215) 204-1566


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