Welcome (!) to the Temple University Ambler Criminal Justice (TUA-CJ) Home Page. We have over 120 majors and minors at Ambler, making us one of the largest majors on campus. And while some of our students occasionally take courses at other Temple University campuses, most spend all four years studying solely at Ambler. Why? * small class size -avg. enrollments are about 20 students per course * rotation of faculty - Main Campus faculty teach regularly at Ambler * full rotation of required and elective CJ courses * great group of students / active student society And you will also find at Ambler: * Modern facilities - smart classrooms and a renovated library; a modern Computer Lab, and great recreational facilities (gym, tennis courts, indoor-outdoor pool, common rooms, and more) * Beauty! - the campus is located within 187 acres of woodlands, trees and meadows. A truly inspiring place to learn! So please take the time to explore and learn about what we offer CJ students at TUA... and be sure to visit our Main Campus Page (click on image at left) for a complete overview of the Department - Mission, Programs, Requirements, and Faculty Profiles.