ALL TUA-CJ Majors: It is time to plan for the upcoming semester. To better serve your registration and other advising needs, the Ambler CJ Department asks that you follow the advising procedures described below. These procedures are designed to effectively and efficiently meet the needs of all our CJ majors. Please review the following carefully before scheduling your advising appointment: 1. Pick up your DARS report and CJ Progress Report from REA MONAGHAN in West Hall LL-5. You may also review your DARS report on-line at: 2. If you do not wish for registration assistance and are eligible to register by phone, please register by phone in accordance with University policy relating to on-line registration. Note that we strongly suggest that you see an advisor before on-line registration irrespective of your need for actual assistance, so that we can verify that your schedule is correct. 3. Schedule your advising appointment based on the following: Schedule your advising appointment with Stephen Smith (West Hall LL-2) if: * You seek information regarding criminal justice-related careers, law school or graduate school * You are interested in criminal justice internships for Summer or Fall, 2002 * You want to know what courses you should take based on substantive needs or interests * You would like to develop a long-term academic plan * You are currently or are entering your SENIOR year (>90 cr.) * You are a FRESHMAN. * You have any questions regarding Temple’s evaluation of your progress towards graduation Schedule your appointment with Rea Monaghan (West Hall LL-5) if you require general registration assistance, and you are not going to be a senior in Summer or Fall 2003. 4. Prepare for your advising appointment. This includes: * Reviewing your DARS report * Developing a tentative course schedule for review * Preparing any questions you may have for your appointment 5. Show up ON TIME for your scheduled appointment. If you are not on time, your appointment may be re-scheduled. It is crucial that, in addition to showing up on time, you are prepared for your appointment. In fairness to all CJ students and the advisors, we no longer are able to meet with students during peak registration periods who are either late, unprepared or show up without appointments.