Undergraduate IST: Minor

Programs In Information Science and Technology (IS&T): BS, BA and Interdisciplinary Minor

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IS &T Undergraduate Degree Options

For students registered before 2008, some may still use the old program.


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IS&T Minor Overview

IS&T is an important field of study and application for all students and all disciplines in the University.  Students who are well versed in information technology and can apply it to their major field of study will have a significant advantage in the future.  The minor provides majors in other areas of the University with a way to obtain the knowledge and to apply Information Sciences and Technology in their major field of study. 


Minor Advising Sheet

  • Information Science and Technology Minor: Advising Sheet

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IS&T Minor Courses

Course Title
Credit Hours
CIS 1001 Introduction to Academics in Computer Science
CIS 1048 Introduction to IS&T
CIS 1068 Program Design & Abstraction
CIS 2109 Database and File Management Systems
CIS 2168 and CIS 2229 *
Elective, 3000-level, IT-related **

* Note: the 4th course is selected from CIS 2168, CIS 2229, though another advanced IS&T course may be substituted is the prerequisites are met.

**Note: The 5th course may be selected from any department, as long as it is 3000-level, IT-relevant, and approved by an IS&T Advisor. To view a list of available IS&T Electives that are 3000-level or higher, click here.