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For students registered before 2008, some may still use the old program.

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Below is a list of the electives available to students following the BS degree in IS&T. The elective courses must be 3000-level or higher, IS&T related, and approved by an advisor prior to registering for the course. All CIS courses that meet these requirements qualify as electives.

CIS Information Science & Technology (IST) Elective Courses


CIS 3281* Cooperative Education Experience in IST  [Link]
CIS 3374 Testing and Quality Assurance
CIS 3376 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Design & Implementation
CIS 4105 IT Process Management
CIS 4106 System Process Development
CIS 4107 Computer Systems Security & Networking
CIS 4108 Emerging Technologies and Tools for Enterprise Management
CIS 4308  Development of Multi-tier Client/Server Systems
CIS 4330 Seminar in Information Science and Technology
CIS 4340  Seminar on Problems and New Developments
CIS 4344  Client/Server Scripting Languages for Web Development
CIS 4350   Seminar on Topics in Computer Science
CIS 4362 Application System Development using Relational Technology
CIS 4372 C++ Applications Programming
CIS 4376 E-Commerce System Development
CIS 4378 Computer and Network Security
CIS 4282/4382* 
Independent Study
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*Note: A maximum of two courses (eight credits) may be taken from CIS 3281, CIS 4282 and CIS 4382 to fulfill Information Science & Technology electives. A maximum of 4 credit hours of CIS 3281 may be counted towards IST electives.


Students planning to enroll in Co-Op or Independent Study must manually register for this course. Co-op applications should be submitted to Wendy Urban and Independent Study forms should be submitted to Hailey King.