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Undergraduate Degree in CS

For students registered before 2008, some may still use the old program.

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Minor Overview

The minor in Computer Science will provide a solid foundation in Computer Science for students in other disciplines. Students who pursue a minor in Computer Science can create their own interdisciplinary program. They will have an opportunity to take an independent study project that will apply computing principles to their major field. Students who attain the minor will gain an understanding of the basic principles of computer science and how to apply them.


Minor Advising Sheet


Minor Courses

Course Title Semester Hours
CIS 1068 Program Design and Abstraction 4
CIS 1166 Mathematical Concepts in Computing or Mathematics 2196 Basic Mathematical Concepts 3 or 4
CIS 2107 Computer Systems and Low Level Programming 4
CIS 2168 Data Structures 4
CIS 4282/4383 (or an approved 2000 or 3000 level CIS course)* 3 or 4
Total: 18-20

The recommended fifth course is an independent study course CIS4282/4383 consisting of a project relating to the student’s major. Students will be required to submit a substantial paper describing their project. Registration for the independent study course requires approval by the Computer Science program director. A requirement will be that the student has a faculty sponsor in both CIS and his/her major department.


*In place of the independent study a student may choose to take an approved Computer Science course at the 2000 or 3000 level. The current candidate courses are:

CIS 2166 Mathematical Concepts in Computing II
CIS 2308 Web Application Programming
CIS 3203 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
CIS 3207 Introduction to Systems Programming and Operating Systems
CIS 3211 Automata, Computability, and Languages
CIS 3219 Computer Graphics and Image Processing
CIS 3223 Data Structures and Algorithms
CIS 3242 Discrete Structures

This program is interdisciplinary in nature and will, therefore, benefit students in a variety of disciplines who want a strong foundation in computer science. It should also enable well-qualified undergraduate students to participate in research projects in their major field that require computing skills or in ongoing interdisciplinary research projects in the Information Science and Technology Center.

We expect that this program will be of interest to students in the College of Science and Technology who are majoring in other fields and also students in the College of Engineering.  It could also be of interest to students in other schools and colleges (for example, Communications and Theater) who would like to learn the fundamental concepts of Computer Science and programming.