Undergraduate CS: Electives


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Undergraduate Degree in CS

Bachelor’s Degree Programs In Computer Science (CS) (BS, BA and Minor)

CS Undergraduate Elective Courses

CIS 2308 Web Application Programming
CIS 3203 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
CIS 3211 Automata, Computability, and Languages
CIS 3219 Computer Graphics and Image Processing
CIS 3242 Discrete Structures
CIS 3319 Wireless Networks and Security
CIS 3381* Cooperative Education Experience in Computer Science

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CIS 3515 Introduction to Mobile Application Development
CIS 3605 Introduction to Digital Forensics
CIS 3715 Principles of Data Science
CIS 4282/4382* Independent Study

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CIS 4298 Software Engineering
CIS 4305 Real-Time Computer Systems
CIS 4307 Intro Distributed Systems and Networks
CIS 4308 Development of Multi-tier Client/Server Systems
CIS 4319 Computer Networks and Communications
CIS 4324 Compiler Design
CIS 4331 Principles of Database Systems
CIS 4350 Seminar on Topics in Computer Science
CIS 4360 Topics in Computer Science
CIS 4398

Projects in Computer Science (4 cr.) ##

CIS 4615 Ethical Hacking and Intrusion Forensics

*Note: A maximum of two courses (eight credits) may be taken from CIS 3381, CIS 4282 and CIS 4382 to fulfill Computer Science electives. A maximum of 4 credit hours of CIS 3381 may be counted towards CS electives.

## Note: This course is available as an elective as long as it is not used in choice of a capstone course.


Students planning to enroll in Co-Op or Independent Study must manually register for this course. Please complete an application form linked to the course and return it to Hailey King.