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Undergraduate Degree in CS

Bachelor’s Degree Programs In Computer Science (CS) (BS, BA and Minor)


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Bachelor of Science Overview

The Computer Science (CS) B.S. programs in CST (College of Science and Technology) are designed for students whose major interest is the general study of computer science rather than the focus on a particular application area. These programs provide students with a broad education in traditional computer science concepts including algorithms, software engineering, computer architecture, information processing techniques, programming languages, data structures, operating systems, networks, artificial intelligence, and image processing. Students learn theory as well as the methodologies and techniques used in the development of computer systems..

B.S. majors take a total of 8 required CIS courses including a 1-credit introduction to the CIS department. They also take one Computer Science theory elective, a course in probability and statistics, and a writing intensive capstone which is either an independent research experience or a team-oriented project. Courses required outside the department are 2 semesters of calculus, a 2 - semester laboratory science sequence, and a technical writing course. BS majors take 3 additional electives from an approved list in Computer Science.


BS Advising Sheet


Computer Science: B.S. Sample Course Sheet

Freshman – Fall (16 cr.)

CIS  1001 (New) Introduction to Academics in CS (1cr.)

CIS 1068 Program Design & Abstraction (4 cr.)

Math 1041 Calculus I (4 cr.)

Gen Ed English 1002 (4 cr.)

Gen Ed World Society (3 cr.)

Freshman – Spring (17 cr.)

CIS 2168 Data Structures (4 cr.)

Math 1042 Calculus II (4 cr.)

Gen Ed IH 1196 (3 cr.)

Gen Ed Race (3 cr.)

Gen Ed Behavior (3 cr.)


Sophomore – Fall (15 cr.)

CIS 1166 Math Concepts in Computing I (4 cr.), or

Math 2196 Basic Concepts of Math (3 cr.)

CIS 2107 Computer Sys & Low-Level Prog (4 cr.)

Gen Ed IH 1297 (3 cr.)

Engl 2696 Technical Writing (3 cr.)

Elective (1-2 cr.)

Sophomore – Spring (15 cr.)

CIS 3207 Intro to Sys Prog & Op Sys (4 cr.)

CIS 2033 Computational Probability & Statistics (4 cr.)

Gen Ed US Society (3 cr.)

Gen Ed Arts (3-4 cr)

Elective (1-0 cr.)

Junior –Fall (16 cr.)

CIS 3238 Software Design (4 cr.)

CS 2166 (4 cr.)

Lab Science* 1 (4 cr.)

Elective (4 cr.)


Junior – Spring (15 cr.)

CIS 3223 Data Structures and Algorithms (4 cr.)

CS Elective*** (3-4 cr.)

Lab Science* 2 (4 cr.)

Elective (4-3 cr.)


Senior – Fall (15 cr.)

CS Elective*** (3-4 cr.)

Elective (4 cr.)

Elective (4 cr.)

Elective (4-3 cr.)



Senior – Spring (15 cr.)

CIS 4397 Writing Intensive Independent Research,  or

CIS 4398 Writing Intensive Projects in Computer Science (4 cr.)


CS Elective*** (3-4 cr.)

Elective (4 cr.)

Elective (4-3 cr.)


Credits in the major: 67-71

Credits in General Education: 25-26

Elective credits: 31-26

Total credits: 123


Lab Science

Students must take one of the required lab sciences to fulfill the Science and Technology A and Science and Technology B requirements. Two semesters of the same science are necessary to meet this requirement