The Computer and Information Sciences Department offers programs at both undergraduate and graduate levels.  For undergraduates, we offer BA degrees, BS degrees and minors in both Information Sciences & Technology and Computer Science .  At the graduate level, we offer both MS and PhD degrees.

Our Undergraduate Programs (new Programs beginning Fall 2008) are briefly summarized below for comparison of the degree requirements and focus of study.

Program Characteristics Requirements Outside Department
(does not include University core courses)
Within Major Department
Job Potential

Computer Science Program


-In-depth Programming
-Systems and Theory
-Software Engineering
-Computer Architecture

-Data Structures
-Programming Techniques

-Mathematically & technically
-Graduates have strong
  programming, analysis &
  communication skills

  • 2 semesters of calculus
  • 2 semesters of a sequenced
    laboratory science
  • 1 CIS theory elective
  • a technical writing course

BA: 8 CIS courses + 1 credit intro course

BS: 12 CIS courses + 1 credit intro course

Courses Note:
Includes six semesters
of programming covering:
-Data Structures

-Software Design

-Systems Programmer
-Systems Analyst
-Application Programmer
-Computer Scientist
-Technology jobs based on interest

Information Science & Technology Program


-Systems Design

-Development & Implementation
-Database & Network Systems

-Applications for various disciplines

  • 1 math course
  • 1 statistics course
  • 2 semesters of a sequenced
    laboratory science
BA: 11 CIS courses
BS: 15 CIS courses


-Systems and Requirements

-Software Developer
-Network, Database & security applications
-Traditional Business/Scientific
-Application of information technology to new fields