Course Name / Section:

CIS 4319 / 001

Course Title:

Networks and Communications


John Fiore


Wachman Hall, Room 1042.




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Website for Complete Syllabus:


CIS 207 and CIS 223 must have been completed with a C or better.


Kurose and Ross, Computer Networks, 4th Edition.  Addison Wesley, 2007.

Course Goal:

The primary goal of the course is to obtain a solid understanding of the basic architecture of the TCP/IP Protocol Suite and the main protocols of which it is comprised.  Supporting goals are to practice basic system and network administration tasks using the Linux Operating System, and to learn to program TCP/IP sockets using the Java Programming Language.

Topics Covered:

Introduction to computer networks and communications. Local and wide area networks. Network topology and routing. Internet and ISO protocols. Applications including remote procedure calls, remote logon, and file transfer. Network operating systems.

Attendance Policy:

Attendance to labs is mandatory; Attendance will be taken during lectures.