Course Number / Section:

CIS 0935.001

Course Title:

Cyberspace, Technologies and Society - Honors


Abbe Forman


Abbe Forman,  Wachman Hall, Room 416




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No required Texts.  Optional Technology Textbook: Succeeding with Technology: Computer System Concepts for Real Life, Stair and Baldauf, Thomson Course Technology, 2007


Course Goals:

This course provides students with an understanding of the underlying principles of technologies that have an impact on their lives and how those principles are related to real-world activities. Class lectures, readings and student discussions will be utilized to integrate the application of technology with social and ethical issues facing society


Topics Covered:

Students will develop an understanding of the technologies behind the Internet, the web and your computer, and then use this knowledge to evaluate the social and ethical implications of this technology.




Attendance Policy:


Attending classes is critical for you to be successful in this course.  The “class participation” portion of your grade  includes your attendance.  Required write-ups on ethics readings will also factor into this part of your grade.  Class participation is integral for this class to be effective.