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CIS 1068 / 001 and 002

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Program Design and Abstraction


Multiple Instructors (see Course Web Pages below)


Giorgio Ingargiola: Room 1038, Alexander Yates: Room 1036, Wachman Hall



Giorgio Ingargiola:  215-204-6825, Alexander Yates:  206-310-5200

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C or better in Mathematics C073 or higher, or placement into Mathematics C074


Cay Horstmann: Big Java, 3nd edition, John Wiley, ISBN 978-0-470-10554-2


Course Goals:

The goal is to learn to solve small programming problems and to write their solution as high quality small programs in Java.


Topics Covered:

Introduces CIS major students to computers, computer programming, and problem-solving using programs. Topics covered include the general characteristics of computers, techniques of problem solving and algorithm specifications, and the debugging and testing of computer programs.




Attendance Policy:


Attendance to labs is mandatory; Attendance will be taken during lectures.