Course Number / Section:

CIS 8512

Course Title:

Operating Systems


Dr. Eugene Kwatny


Wachman Hall, Room 1014.




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Web Site for Complete  Syllabus: ; most of the materials for this class are contained within the Blackboard course management site for this course.


Either by the equivalent of CIS 3207 (207) and its prerequisites, or by the single course CIS 5502 (502); and,   either by CIS 3223 (223) and its prerequisites, or by the single course CIS 5501 (501).


Required Textbook: “Operating Systems”, Deitel, Deitel and Choffnes, 3rd edition 2004, Pearson Education
Highly Recommended for Linux/Unix programming: “Interprocess Communications in Linux: The Nooks and Crannies”, Gray, Pearson Education, 2003


Course Goals:

To expand on the basic concepts for understanding and evaluating operating systems and the most important computer architectural issues impacting operating system design and implementation.


Topics Covered:

This course will concentrate on theoretical and practical issues of kernels, threads and processes; concurrency; multi-processor management and virtual memory; and security and authentication.




Attendance Policy:

Attendance is mandatory;