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Syllabus for CIS 665

CIS665 - Advanced Topics in Database Systems
Instructor: Amalia Rusu
Office: Room 318 Wachman Hall
Phone: 215-204-9260
Email: rusu@temple.edu

This course is for students who are interested in multimedia
systems, information retrieval (IR), and digital libraries

This course introduces fundamental concepts, principles, and
tools necessary for multimedia data processing systems,
information retrieval systems, and digital libraries.
Part of this course will focus on basic understanding of the
theory underlying multimedia data processing as well as the
practical aspects of multimedia programming.
We also devote time to establish the foundation for research
in information retrieval by presenting traditional and
current techniques used in text-based information retrieval
and information extraction. Application areas include
information filtering, summarization, cross-document
retrieval, image retrieval, and multimedia IR.
In addition we offer an overview of digital libraries,
examine the difference between print and digital resources,
between traditional libraries and DLs, present the principal
issues in building DLs, and show how text, images, audio,
and video can be represented, distributed, used, and
collected as forms of knowledge. Optical character
recognition technologies and text recognition methodologies
will be presented.
Survey of recent developments in these areas will be

Prerequisites: programming experience, database systems
(CIS616), image processing, and machine learning background

Required textbooks:
1. Ze-Nian Li and Mark S. Drew, Fundamentals of Multimedia,
2. Ricardo Baeza-Yates and Berthier Ribiero-Neto, Modern
Information Retrieval, Addison Wesley.

Recommended textbooks:
1. Michael Lesk, Practical Digital Libraries: Books, Bytes &
Bucks, Morgan Kaufmann.