Course Number / Section:

CIS 4309 / 001

Course Title:

Client/Server and Net-Centric Computing


J. Henri Wiesel


Wachman Hall, Room 1050





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Grade of C or better in C+IN SC 3209 (0209) and 3229 (0230)



Programming Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0, by Dino Esposito, Microsoft Press, 2006, Library of Congress Control Number 2005933933.


Course Goals:

This is the second of a 3 course IS&T required sequence in the development of networked application systems using Microsoft’s .NET software development technology. This second course adds the ASP.NET language and will teach deployment of these software components to operate on the internet. 


Topics Covered:


The principal development tool of this course will be Visual Studio.Net (VS.NET), that will enable the student to develop and combine ASPX web pages and VB.NET components for network deployment via the .NET Framework.   In addition, SQL Server and its Enterprise Management Console will be used for database creation and management.  The student will integrate various technologies: (1) Web page design using html, (2) client side processing with VB or Java Script, (3) dynamic web pages that access databases using ASPX, (4) XML for web data transfer, and (5) server side transaction processing using ASPX and VB.NET objects, the .NET Framework, and the SQL Server database server.





Attendance Policy:


Students are expected to attend all classes,  and arrive in class on time since instructor-led computer demonstrations require the student to follow what is being demonstrated