Course Number / Section:

CIS 3242 / 001

Course Title:

Discrete Structures


Dr. Arthur T. Poe


Wachman Hall, Room 1008.




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Grade of  C  or better in CIS1166(0066), CIS2107(0072), 2168(0068) and Grade of  C  or better in Mathematics  1042 (0086)



 ¡§Discrete Mathematical Structures¡¨  Kolman, Busby, and Ross, 5th edition Pearson/Prentice-Hall



Course Goals:



The aim is to introduce algebraic structures that are fundamental to various areas of Computer Science.  More specifically, various structures are introduced so are their application to Computer Science.

 In particular, enough underlying group theory is introduced to enable us to talk about error correcting code, it generation, error detection and correction.


Topics Covered:



 Logic, Mathematical Induction, Pigeonhole Principle, Graphs, algorithms on graphs and their analysis.  Planarity. Permutations, disjoint cycles, transpositions.  Algebraic structures, semi-group, group, coset.

Encoding and decoding functions, Minimum distance of an encoding function. Group code. Error correcting code and its generation from Boolean Matrix. Encoding and decoding using maximum likelihood technique.  Error detection and correction using syndromes.




Attendance Policy:



Attendance will be taken during lectures.  Although attendance is not mandatory, too many absences will definitely affect your understanding and grade.  The absence from an exam without prior arrangement will considered to receive a grade of zero.