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CIS 3229

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Operating Systems and Networking


Multiple Instructors

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Claudia Pine-Simon, Wachman 1042

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Grade of C or better in C+IN SC 1068 (0067), 1073 (C081) or an equivalent first-semester programming course in C++, C#, Java or VB.Net


The Architecture of Computer Hardware and Systems Software , An Information Technology Approach, Third Edition,  Englander, John Wiley and Sons, 2003.

Computer Networking, A top-Down Approach, 4th Edition; Kurose and Ross, Pearson Education, INC. , 2008


Course Goals:

1. To introduce the basic concepts for understanding and evaluating operating systems and the most important computer architecture issues impacting operating systems and the most important computer architecture issues impacting operating system design, implementation and selection.  2. To introduce basic hardware and software issues and components of networks and network operating systems.  3.  To provide experience with the use, installation and configuration of various operating systems. 4. To provide an understanding of the technologies underlying the Internet and the WWW, and provide experience in using these technologies





Topics Covered:

Students study the management functions of different operating systems, computer architecture and its relationship to operating systems.Students examine the basic concepts in networking, the Internetís architecture and protocols. In the laboratory, students create and secure a home page, install and configure different network operating systems.

Attendance Policy:


Class attendance is mandatory. Class participation and attendance are important and can affect your final grade.