Course Number / Section:

CIS 3207 / 001

Course Title:

Introduction to Operating Systems


Dr. Justin Y. Shi


Wachman Hall, Room 302.




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Grade of C or better in C+IN SC 1166 (0066), 2107 (0072), and 2168 (0068); Grade of C or better in Mathematics 1042 (0086)


Computer Systems -- A Programmer's Perspective, by Randal Bryant and David O'Hallaron, Prentice Hall, ISBN: 0-13-034074-X (For computer architecture and general systems programming)


Course Goals:

Understand operating system design principles. Learn how to use critical operating system functions to efficiently manage system resources. Develop skills for building versatile computer applications with performance and functionality.   


Topics Covered:

Introduction:  Six functional operating system components:

Focus: Component Speed Disparity and Performance Concerns


Focus: Creation/termination of processes + inter-process communication.

I/O Sub-system

Focus: Device driver structure and optimization algorithms.

File system

Focus: File system data structures and access to the data structures.

Memory management

Focus: Understanding of memory allocation methods.

Communication Subsystem

Focus: Inter-process communication methods.

Networked resource management

 Focus: Inter-processor communication methods.




Attendance Policy:


Attendance to labs is mandatory; Attendance will be taken during lectures.