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The CIS department itself has seven student laboratories that are equipped with computers supporting MS Windows, Linux and the Solaris operating systems.  Since 2000, the CIS department has completely upgraded the computing systems in at least one laboratory each year. Six of the laboratories have a video projection system for use in instruction anad demonstartion.  The laboratories are designed to accommodate lecture, demonstration, student software development and experimentation.

It is imperative for CIS students to learn about a wide range of computer systems and applications software.  Enabling such learning has required us to acquire and maintain systems and software to meet the needs of our courses such as low-level systems programming, software engineering, database design and implementation, data mining, artificial intelligence, the study of algorithms and data structures, and many high-level programming languages.

Higher performance systems and sophisticated software are required in the areas of knowledge discovery and data mining, database management, network applications (e.g. voice and video over the network) and systems.  In addition, our undergraduate curricula often require supporting distinct software environments.  There are also research laboratories for experimentation in robotics, data engineering, networking, and more.

The Temple University TECH Center is an extension of the CIS laboratories. The TECH Center provides 600 new workstations (PC and MAC) and 100 laptops for use in the Center. The Center provides extended hours and includes a Software Development Laboratory for CIS students.