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If you are interested in learning about computer systems, installing and configuring software and operating systems, helping others learn and use application software, and get paid for it, then a position as a CIS Laboratory Consultant is for you.

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On a daily basis, each of the CIS Department labs are administered by student consultants. The departmental labs are in operation Monday thru Friday from early morning til late evening, plus daytime operations on Saturday. Students who are
interested in a position as a laboratory consultant working in the labs should fill out an application, attach a current resume, and submit it to Toni Newton in Wachman Hall room 201. After the paper work is processed, an interview will be arranged for the student with the lab administrators. Based on the interview,
schedule availability and a review of the your academic progress, the lab administrators will determine how best to utilize your capabilities and interests.

Students that work in the labs come from many backgrounds and experiences, and geographical locations. We have students that are CIS, IST and MIS majors.  We also have students that are not computer majors, but who display the ability and the dedication to pursue the position.

Although we have juniors and seniors staffing the facilities, we also have freshman and sophmores who display the talents and drive to get the job accomplished. We encourge students at ALL levels to apply for a position in the labs. This is an educational instution, and the best way to learn is to get hands-on experience and real time exposure to technology.

Student consultants working in the labs and in support activities usually work varying hours. Work schedules will usually average between 10-15 hours a week. This figure may vary anywhere from as low as 5 hours a week to as much as 20-25 hours a week. The number of hours and days that consultants work is also determined by their class schedules, and any other time commitments that they may have.

Starting salaries are competitive with positions elsewhere in the educational environment. One of the advantages for students working in the CIS labs is that they are able to go from classes to work with no travel time.

Many times, students are reluctant to apply for positions in the CIS labs because they feel they don't have enough experience or abilities. What many students tend not to consider, is that the labs are a perfect place to begin getting the experience. Often consultants working in the labs maybe one or two semesters ahead of the students they are helping. In some cases, they maybe taking the same course as the people they are supporting, or at times they may have not taken those courses yet, but have the experience through their lab consulting. The student consultants that work in the CIS labs tend to develop a team spirit of working together.

The responsibility of lab consultants vary, as do the opportunities that are available for those that choose to take advantage of them. Consultants working in the CIS labs are responsible for the computer resources in their working environment. Situations that may arise regarding hardware, software, networking or security levels need to be handled by those on duty. Resolving any questions or problems that users may encounter is also part of the job. There are many other supporting duties that need to be
accomplished in order to provide the kind of service that users expect. The positions promote a high level of capability and confidence.

For more information contact:

Jon Ikoniak Wachman 201

Tom Stauffer Wachman 203