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TU Computer Services

The CIS department provides and maintains computing systems for students and faculty. These systems include servers and workstations for research, instruction and learning. In addition, there are numerous University computing resources available for students and faculty. The University's TECH Center is Temple's state-of-the-art Computer facility with over 600 workstations and specialty labs, including a software development laboratory.

CIS has 5 student computing laboratories. These laboratories provide services for:

  • the laboratory component of courses
  • student research
  • walk-in use to support instructional, research and project activities for students.

Almost all CIS courses at the undergraduate level have a scheduled laboratory component. At the graduate level, most courses require use of CIS laboratories for homework, project assignments and research. Over54 sections of CIS courses (over 900 students) have their scheduled laboratory or lecture component in these facilities.

Most graduate students also use the CIS laboratories for their course assignments. Some graduate courses, e.g. those concerned with networking, operating systems, data mining, web services and database management, also have lectures and formal laboratory components in the laboratories.

The CIS laboratories are open for student use for at least 70 hours per week. This accommodates the scheduled courses and provide adequate “walk-in” time for students each week. Students should expect to have homework assignments and laboratory projects that require an additional six to eight hours per week of laboratory system use beyond their scheduled laboratory time.

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Student Learning and Community Center (SLCC)

A large , modern area for socialization and study has been implemented for CIS students. The facility is on the second floor of Wachman Hall, adjacent to the student workstation laboratories. The facility has comfortable seating, and cafe type tables. The facility also has 10 Mac desktop systems for student use as well as wireless and wired access for portable systems.

The SLCC also has a quiet room for study. The quiet room can be scheduled for project use by groups of 2 or more students after 3 PM each day.