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Graduates from the undergraduate CS and IST programs either go on to Graduate School or go into a variety of jobs in the workplace. Employers are looking most for a strong technical background, coupled with excellent interpersonal and communications skills.

We provide extensive services for our students as they look for internships, coops and jobs after graduation.  We have many more job opportunities than we have students available to fill them.   We have ongoing, consistent and successful relationship with leading employers in the surrounding Philadelphia area and suburbs, as well as national contacts with various leading edge companies.

  • As we learn about new opportunities, we email them directly to our students. 
  • We have a successful and active student chapter af the ACM (Association for Computing Machinery).  Each semester, the ACM hosts companies for presentations and job fairs.  These are excellent opportunities to learn about he job market, to learn what employers are looking for, and to network with key individuals in these companies.
  • We host job fairs and our annual "Tech Trek" where we take a bus full of students to the Chester County area to interview with high tech compnies.
  • Many of our faculty willingly meet individually with students to help guide them on their career paths, critique their resumes and help them with the entire job process.
  • Our students have access to a resource called AfterCollege, an online database of high tech jobs specifically for computer science majors.  Click on the link to reach AfterCollege.
  • Through the University' Career Develop Services, and the CIS department's Student Career Assistance Center, our students have access to various resources for job hunting, mock interviewing, resume development and job interview etiquette.

The job market for computer science graduates is explosive.  Study after study show that there are not nearly enough graduates to fill the openings.   In addition, salaries are increasing at rates better than most other industries.   Rumors of the numbers of technology jobs being outsourced and offshored have been exaggerated.   However, the result is that nationally, less students are majoring in Computer Science and the demand continues to increase, creating a wonderful world of job opportunities for our graduates.   Graduates can work in a wide-variety of job categories, including: 

Analyst/Designer, Software Developer, Programmer. Network, Database and Security Expert, Business/Scientific Applications, Consultants, Project Manager, Software Engineer, Research Scientist, Product Manager, Statistician.

Additional career information on the value of CIS degrees is available from these publication links.