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Information for High School Students

Thinking about a major in Computer and Information Sciences is a great idea.  Did you know that:

  • Of the Top 10 degrees in demand, several of them are in Technology?
  • Of the Top Growth Jobs projected through 2010, many Technology jobs are expected to experience growth rates higher than 50%?
  • Starting salaries are high...$50,000-$70,000 range is reported by many of our graduates?
  • Salaries are increasing faster than the averages for most careers?
  • The supply of college graduates does not come close to meeting the job demand?

Technology is the hobby that you can turn into an exciting and profitable career.  Temple's Computer and Information Sciences Department has two different programs to give you the foundation, fundamentals and experience to meet your career or graduate school goals.

These two distinct programs to best meet your interests and areas of focus.  These are the Computer Science (CS) and the Information Sciences and Technology (IS&T) Programs.  You can find detailed requirements on each of these programs in various places on our website.  Each of our programs has a minor available for students majoring outside of the CIS department (CS Minor, IS&T Minor).

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Our graduates work in all industries, including pharmaceutical, engineering, business, finance, insurance, advertising, education, medicine and many more!


For more information about our programs, Open Houses and Student Shadowing Opportunities contact Wendy Urban.