Becoming an Entrepreneur in Science and Technology

Panel Discussion

Wednesday, December 5


Tech Center 111

Professor Yuan Shi and Professor Sanford Sorkin

Everything you ever wanted to know about starting a business with a technology focus (and making lots of money). Each of the panelists will make a short presentation at the beginning of the discussion, and then the panel will take questions from the audience.

Professor Yuan Shi ( Associate Professor & Chair, CIS Department) is the founder and Chief Science Officer of Parallel Computers Technology, Inc. (, a 10-year-old Philadelphia-based research and development company that provides cluster-based solutions for storage and distributed computation.

Professor Sanford Sorkin (Instructor, CIS Department) is the founder of, and for 22 years the owner of several companies, including Coastal Technologies (, a development consulting firm; New Instruction, Inc. (, a technology training firm; and WebsFirst (, a Web development and consulting firm.