Justin Y. Shi

Office: 1036 Wachman Hall
Mailing: 1036 Wachman Hall
1805 N. Broad St.
Philadelphia, PA 19122
Phone:(215) 204- 6437
Email: shi@temple.edu
Web: http://spartan.cis.temple.edu/shi


Ph.D. Computer Science, University of Pennsylvania, 1984

M.S. Computer Science, University of Pennsylvania, 1983

B.S. Computer Engineering, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai, China, 1979

Research / Professional Interests:

Reliable high performance computing architectures, decoupling principles, sequential-to-parallel programming generation, lossless high performance VLDB architecture and systems, 3-D virtual reality applications, web graphics, mobile device programming, databases and information security and forensics.

Selected Publications:

  1. Justin Y. Shi, “Decoupling as a Foundation for Large Scale Parallel Computing,” to appear in Proceedings of HPCC 2009, June 2009, Seoul, Korea
  2. Justin Y. Shi, “High Performance Lossless ESB Architecture with Data Protection for Mission-Critical Applications,” CSIE 2009, March 2009, LA, USA.
  3. Justin Y. Shi, “Fault Tolerant Self-Optimizing Multiprocessor System and Method Thereof,” U.S. Patent Application, June 2008.
  4. Justin Y. Shi, Suntain Song, “Apparatus and Method of Optimizing Database Clustering with Zero Transaction Loss,” U.S. Patent Application, January 2008. 5. Yuan Shi, “Multicomputer system and method,” U.S. Patent: #5,517,656. 1996.
  5. Yuan Shi, “System for automatically generating efficient application - customized client/server operating environment for heterogeneous network computers and operating systems,” U.S. Patent: #5,381,534, 1995.