Wendy Urban

: 406 Wachman Hall
Mailing:324 Wachman Hall
1805 N. Broad St.
Philadelphia, PA 19122
Phone:(215) 204-5236
Web: http://astro.temple.edu/~wurban


M.B.A., Human Resources, Temple University 1986

B.B.A., Management Information Systems, Temple University 1982

Teaching Interests :

I am most interested in teaching creatively to reach large groups of students and to instill an understanding and love of technology. Particular interests include ethics, privacy, security and how they are all impacted today by technology. My classes generally are focused on core and general education(gen-ed) courses for a wide variety of students with varied backgrounds and skill sets.

About Me:

I am the Chairperson of the CIS Department Recruiting Committee. My main goals are to encourage students to major/minor in our department's programs, to understand the reality of the growing job market, and to work toward efforts to increase Women in Computing.