Career and Financial Information

Graduates from the CIS department’s programs work at many levels in a wide range of industries, academic institutions, non-profit organizations, etc.  Although there was a definite short term decline in hiring after the burst of the dot-com “bubble” , in recent years hiring has again been growing and demand for hiring in technology areas is once again outpacing the supply, making many exciting and high-paying jobs available to our graduates. 

The CIS Department has a Student Career Assistance Center that will help students plan internships, co-operative programs, develop interviewing skills, prepare resumes, and job placement assistance.

The Temple University Career Center maintains a list of jobs available to Temple CIS Students. Visit the Temple University student Career Center or see the CIS Student Career Assistance Center.

Our graduates work in the pharmaceutical industry (e.g. GlaxoSmithKline), the computer industry (e.g. Unisys), consulting (PriceWaterhouseCoopers), the insurance industry (e.g. Aetna), the financial industry (e.g. Vanguard), aerospace (e.g. Lockheed-Martin) and more.  Many graduates work for smaller companies, as well.  Within these industries, students work as software engineers, systems analysts, consultants, systems administrators, programmers, database analysts, database administrators, application specialists, etc., as well as moving up to become technical leads, supervisors, or managers.  Other companies who have recently hired our graduates include SAP, Cigna, Siemens Medical Systems, CitiGroup, Ernst and Young, and many others.

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A job prospects site for CIS related employment is located at AfterCollege.